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Our Story

SMC was founded in 2018 by three young entrepreneurs and was set to cater the needs of businesses caused by the disruption in business ecosystem derived from advancement and introduction of 4th Generation Technologies in the current age of Artificial Intelligence and Data Minning to develop Business Models which are matching the customers’ demands and fulfill the regulatory requirements. SMC is aiming to be the market leader in providing end to end business management solutions. Stairway Management Consultancy team collectively have more than twenty years of diversified experience in Business Management, Financial Reporting, Auditing, Machine Learning and Data Analysis.

Stairway Management Consultancy has been at the forefront of innovation in the field of Management Consultancy to utilize the 4th Generation Technologies to create Smart Consultant, “s-tishara” with the capability of performing Feasibility Studies without the human interaction. s-tishara is currently able to deliver Real-time Self Assessment along with SWOT analysis for Start Ups.




We believe in adding value to the businesses of our clients through our innovative Management Consultant and Digital Services. We are “Stairway” to your success.

  Our Values

With Exponential increase in the complexity of business, we recognize that our clients’ needs and expectations have changed in the current business and economic environment. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in their endeavors to realize new opportunities and meet new challenges. We fully leverage our knowledge base, abilities of our people and access to our global partners’ resources to deliver the best client service. While we pursue our mission to help our clients and our people excel, we are guided by a set of values which hold our clients’ interests supreme.

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Meet The Team

Yousuf Rashed is a self-made entrepreneur, studied Engineering and Business at University of Colorado Boulder. Prior to co-establishing Stairway Management Consultancy, Yousuf has worked in a government sector running technical/ legal inspections and audits on industrial electrical/ mechanical equipment. He is a Self-devoted, yearns to gain experience by creating a lead in the contemporary business world. Yousuf is passionate about guiding those who are still early in the process of starting-up to enforce their capabilities and maximize their learning experience by sharing with them real life experiences and provide them with the most convenient scheme in which they can kick off.

Yousuf Alsereidi

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Stairway Management Consultancy

Nouh Alzeyoudi is an individual who has acquainted himself with relevant knowledge and skills in various disciplines. He has a Bachelor of Science major in nuclear energy from the Pennsylvania State University. In addition to that, he also has several certificates in leadership and economics that allow him to be a leader in any setting or workplace. Alzeyoudi has also gained experience through attending various forums, seminars, and courses that have enhanced his exposure and networking capabilities with the people he meets. Currently, he works in a government sector where he works as a safety analysis engineer.

Nouh Alzeyoudi

Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Stairway Management, Consultancy

More than ten years of work experience in Financial Industry and Operations Management including four years of working as Lead Consultant with Deloitte. Have worked with many SMEs in leadership role to develop the businesses by creating a team environment to achieve the strategic business goals. Has been highly successful in developing new businesses from scratch and develop management goals for the companies. Currently working with Start Ups  including Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Token Based Start Ups for advisory services on initial assessment white papers, business modeling, product development and financial projections.
Talha Ahmad

Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Stairway Management Consultancy

With more than 8 years of experience in overseeing technical aspects of small to enterprise level projects, Lewis is holding the position of IT Developer in our organization. He is managing technical team and providing technical support to our IT and business solutions – helping us accomplish the projects with professional and practical approach. With Lewis in Place,  Stairway is currently pursuing projects in ERP solutions, Net based customized software solutions, cross-platform mobile apps, intelligent embedded systems, B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions and more recently working on AI, Blockchain and IoT (internet of things) products.

Bokossah Itor Lewis

IT Developer, Stairway Management Consultancy

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