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“We Look Forward being part of Your Success Story…”

Stairway Management Consultancy is proud to be associated with the Start-Ups in UAE and Middle East Region by providing consultancy services. One of the key success factors for Stairway Management Consultancy has been the provision of Free of Cost advisory services to Start Up founders to enable them with key information to manage and develop their business/ product.

Under its banner, Stairway Management Consultancy is also providing services to Start Ups to create and develop:


Business Plan:

Including Human Resource requirements, Supply Chain and Distribution and Operational Requirements. In depth Business Plan provides key references for Start Ups to execute the business operations as per the guidelines highlighted in the Business Plan.


Financial Plan:

Financial Plan along with initial investment and running expenses and Projections for the next three to five years


Risk Analysis:

Internal and External Risk Analysis including SWOT analysis


Free of Cost Initial Assessment for Start-Ups:

Stairway Management Consultancy has developed one of its kind Initial Assessment criteria for Start Ups to analyze their idea at an initial stage to focus on their Strengths and Weaknesses. There are fifteen (15) simple questions to be answered in the assessment which results in a Risk Based analysis report along with SWOT analysis.


1:1 Start Up Advice Sessions

Stairway Management Consultancy is determined to cater the advisory needs of startups by providing them with opportunity to directly interact with its consultants to discuss in detail the following topics:

  • Business Model
    • Revenue Streams
    • Business Model Development
    • Financial Projections
  • Product
    • Product Development
    • Product Pricing
    • Financial Projections
  • Marketing
    • Competitors Analysis
    • Branding
    • Route to market strategy

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