Franchise development 

The Ultimate Expansion Goal for Brands…”

Stairway Management Consultancy has extensive experience in developing Franchise models for local and international brands. We add value to the business development of any brand by creating an opportunity to Franchise their business to investors which helps them to create new territories for their brands. Our Franchise Development Model covers the following aspects:


Franchise Strategy:

  • Franchise Structure including Franchise Owner Profile, Type of Franchise offered, Territory definition, Support Programs, and Internal Staffing.
  • Franchise Revenue Sources including Initial Franchise Fee, Royalties, Advertising
  • Franchise Business and Financial Plan

Operations Analysis:

  • Initial Analysis and Outline
  • On Site Analysis
  • Franchise Operations Manual

Marketing and Sales Plan:

  • Franchise Sales Proposal
  • Online Marketing Plan
  • Website and Mobile Application development
  • Development of Sales Methodology for Franchise

Training Manual

Stairway Management Consultancy also creates the training manual for the client to be shared with their Franchisees in order to have unified standard of services at each outlet.

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