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Our Feasibility Studies are tailored to the specific needs of the clients and are prepared by an experienced team of consultants in Dubai. As feasibility study consultants we assess;


  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Business Modeling
  • Economic Outlook
  • Market Outlook
  • Cost Analysis
  • Consumer Behavior (Needs and Demands)
  • Supply Chain and Distribution strategies
  • Financial projections
  • Business and Marketing Strategies

Stairway Management Consultancy provides it’s clients with Feasibility Studies for new ventures, business opportunities or acquiring of new companies to analyze the product/ business and the market for such business venture.

Feasibility Studies includes the following main portions as following:

1. Market Study

It includes the assessment of Target Market for such product including Market outlook, Competitors Analysis, Consumer Behavior, Product Positioning, SWOT and Strategies to enter the market. SMC conducts the Market analysis by having analysis on the data available with the open sources. We also advice our client on the innovative Marketing Strategies for their product/ business in order to maximize the outcome of Marketing campaign.

2. Business Plan

It includes the detailed Business Plan for such business venture including the Start Up/ Acquisition requirements with an outlook on the legal aspects in general. Human Resource requirements, Supply Chain and Distribution and Operational Requirements. In depth Business Plan provides key references to our client to execute the business operations as per the guidelines highlighted in the Business Plan.

3. Financial Projections and Analysis

This includes preparing the initial investment value, driving the revenue from different streams, calculating Unit Value, calculating Variable Expenses, Operational/ Fixed Expenses. These are calculated based on the assumptions undertaken during the feasibility studies. Report shall include Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement for the five (5) years. We go a level above the client expectations with our Financial Projections and presents the client with the Best Case, Worst Case and Average Case scenarios to showcase all possible outcomes.


We use our Risk Based approach to conduct the feasibility studies and at each stage of such studies, we strive to highlight the Risks associated with such business/ product and develop the Business Plan and Financial Projections based on such risks. We work from the inception of project by analyzing following risks:

I. Product risk
Our Process starts with the Product/ Business analysis and we critically analyze the Product/ Business by explaining, the problem(s) it solves. If the solution provided by the Product/ Business is solving the problem, we at the beginning of our studies ensure that the product addresses a big enough market, and the right opportunity within that market, at the right time. Our highly skilled team conducts the market research, know the landscape, and are able to clearly articulate how Product/ Business fits within the context of this landscape.

II. Market risk
Identification of the customers and their behavior to buy related products is arguably the most important risk factor to assess before launching any product/ Business. We research this thoroughly. Identifying the routes to market, and ways to build them effectively, in a timely fashion and within the budgets of our client, as this could easily determine the success of our client’s business/ product. Once the market risk is controllable and time-effective, we can ensure our client of greater success ratio in their business.

III. Financial risk
We identify key business milestones and schedules that clearly identify the points in time when equity or debt investments are necessary to reach the next major milestone. We articulate the business plan, growth path and set milestone which are Key Performance Indicators for the success of our client Business/ Product.

IV. Team risk

It is important to have a great team to build on your success and develop the company to take it to next level. We create the Human Resource Budget and required skill sets for the client so that appropriate budgets are invested in people who are required to develop the product and help our client to achieve the business goals.

V. Execution risk

Many businesses become so mired in the details that they completely lose sight of the overall company trajectory and strategy. Alternatively, some companies remain at a high level and overlook crucial details that result in major problems. We develop business plans while assessing the details required at each development stage of the business, while maintaining a keen focus on overall business execution, that ensures the highest likelihood of long-term success in business.

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