Despite the abundance of data, floating around us in a daily basis, there are so few who utilize them:

Story: In the USA, a father went to one of the well-known big stores, outrageous, complaining why his teenage daughter has been receiving all those email ads about babies related items such as diapers etc. The store realized the father’s position and apologized…

Two weeks later, the father came back to apologize to the store management as it turned out that the daughter is pregnant !!

The store basically runs customers’ behavior and historical purchases data to predict what would be the next item they want to buy, and basically tailor make an ad for them. So if a person buys a medicine from the store and one of the symptom leads to buying such medicine is being pregnant, it is true that they are not doctors to judge whether a person is in fact pregnant, yet they have their own way of finding out.

Of course there is the dark side to the story which is the unbounded invasion into personal lives by those data owners. Yet isn’t it amazing how the data analysis tool became so powerful that it knows what’s going on in someone’s home more than they do !!

Data is beautiful science that could revamp the way we look at the world. It is the drive-train for future decisions, it is the livelihood of predictive analysis, and it is promised game-changer.

AS LONG AS IT IS USED to serve the common good purposes.

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